At C&S Creative Solutions, Inc. we are your project management team! We operate as an extension of your vision throughout the lifecycle of a project. From creation of the “big idea,” to managing the process, to implementation of the pieces, we make your ideas turn into bottom line results.

  • Develop new or fine-tune existing programs
  • Flush out developing ideas
  • Target growth verticals and new revenue streams
  • Manage the team and hold them accountable for positive results
  • Coordinate execution of program elements


Whether you’re planning a big event or a small one, it’s important that everything goes right. C&S Creative Solutions, Inc. creates flawless events, reflecting your company’s brand and enhancing its image.  We take the time to get to know your and your vision to deliver events that are perfect in every detail, true to your personality and customer profile, and maximize the value of your investment. We find event planning akin to create a live show – energizing and dynamic!



Marketing Campaigns that Move!

Make your marketing efforts generate more positive ROI! C&S Creative Solutions, Inc. will create cohesive and powerful messaging platforms that will elevate your brand, attract the right customers, and tap into a consumer’s true potential. Our team is unique trained to look at the big picture and create holistic programs based on media efficiencies, targeted messaging, trend analysis, competitive landscape, and the ability to deliver results.

  • Brand Development and Positioning
  • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation
  • Creative and Buying Services
  • Promotions and Incentives


At C&S Creative Solutions, Inc., we don’t settle for the standard PR approach. We focus on creating custom, dynamic solutions based on your goals and audience. Whether you want to launch a new initiative, create bigger buzz, engage with your customers or take your message to the world, we are there for you. To do this, we work with your unique position in the market, bringing a wealth of diverse multi-specialty experience. Our commitment is to be a trusted partner that brings out the best in your brand.